Module Two


When clinician and patient “get on the same page” and work collaboratively together, evidence shows better clinical outcomes, fewer errors and increased satisfaction for clinicians and patients alike. Develop your empathy skills and discover how 40 seconds of empathic interaction can have long lasting effects.

Discussion; Educators discuss how compassionate, empathic care brings improved clinical outcomes, increased clinician satisfaction and fewer errors.

TALC 2-2

How Does A Small Dose Of Empathy Produce Much Better Clinical Outcomes?

TALC 2-3

Can You Go Beyond Flat Pack Empathy? Transforming Transactions Into Healing Relationships

TALC 2-5

It’s Not What You Say It’s the Way That You Say It Advanced Non-verbal Skills

TALC 2-6

Kindness, Consent and Communication; How to Make Physical Examinations Comfortable, Useful and Time Efficient.