Module One



This module will help you to get ALL your consultations off to a good start. Investing in the beginning makes for smoother consultations overall. Find out how to go home with energy to spare.

Introduction; Investing in the beginning will make all aspects of the consultation run more smoothly
Discussion; Educators discuss the best ways to learn the skills of beginning consultations effectively

TALC 1-4

How can we help today?

Is ‘How can we help today?’ the best opening question?

It is certainly a very commonly used opening question.

TALC 1-4

What can I do for you today?

Are there any alternatives to ‘What can I do for you today?’ 

Watch for Dr Thomas encouraging Mark’s contribution at 0:30

TALC 1-4

What are we talking about?

Dr Thomas uses the question ‘Was there anything else that you were planning to talk about?‘ to screen for other issues Mark might want discuss.

TALC 1-5

Agenda setting - all of the patient's agenda items discovered at the start.

Here Dr Thomas spends some time to clarify all the issues the patient wants to cover in this appointment. Compare with the previous video where no screening takes place.

TALC 1-5

Agenda setting - no screening

In this video the doctor greets the patient and they spend quite some time talking about a mole. When wrapping this up, two other important problems come up…

TALC 1-6

Can You Learn To Love A Patient Who Brings A List?