Module Nine



Mainly for educators, clinical supervisors and trainers, this module explores the tried and tested techniques that make for effective consultation skills education. From engaging your participants and developing effective feedback, through to creating really effective skills rehearsals and role plays, educators will find resources to support training in all environments.

TALC 9-1

Helping Participants Get On Board With Consultation Skills Education; Building Basic Concepts

TALC 9-3

Should We Jump In At The Deep End? Experiential Learning For Listening Skills

TALC 9-5

Practice Makes Permanent, Only Feedback Makes Perfect; Making Skills Rehearsals Effective

TALC 9-7

Is It Cheating To Look Things Up? Open Book Technique For Speeding Up Learning

TALC 9-8

Can We Solve Problems Without Seeing A Video? Using Video Reconstruction

TALC 9-9

Removing Barriers To Acheivement Ensuring Success For Every Participant In Training.