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We hope that the information provided is helpful to you and easy to navigate. Every individual can respond differently to any offer of support, so we have included numerous options in some cases to allow for individual choice.

Please see a range of wellbeing offers below divided into categories. Please be aware that certain offers may be available based on your job role, location or professional memberships but this should be clearly stated if so.

The ShinyMind app is a uniquely interactive mindset resource that improves wellbeing, resilience and teamwork. It’s proven to help reduce the stress and anxiety of everyday life leaving people feeling happier and more productive.

So how did we do it? We worked with people in some of the most stressful jobs – in the NHS – to understand what they need to feel and perform at their best. Together we built a mindset methodology to help people think more positively, feel more motivated and wrapped it all up in the ShinyMind app – giving people the support they need when they want it, so they can Shine.

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