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GP Fellowship now live
Applications currently open to all eligible GPs who are within 2 years of their CCT


If you passed your CCT within the past year then you could benefit from the GMTH NHSE GP Fellowship Program, a fantastic opportunity offering weekly paid CPD sessions of an effective sessional rate of approx £10,500 per year (£13,650 per year is paid to practice which includes their employer Tax/NI & Pension)

The programme is designed to support all those eligible, newly qualified GPs that are in substantive, salaried or partner positions within Greater Manchester.  The GP Fellowship is a 2 year programme of support aimed at welcoming GPs into general practice and their Primary Care Network and allowing for both personal and professional growth.

Throughout the 2 years you will receive access to a monthly, 1 hour mentorship session from an experienced GP, additional coaching, connection with a peer network as well as learning and development podcasts and masterclasses.  Fellows will have portfolio development opportunities based around local health population needs.  This brand new programme is designed to support your transition from a GPST to a GP – with the added benefit that there are no essays and no examinations at the end.

You can apply if you are currently working in general practice or if you’re about to start a new position. If you are ready to apply then please complete the registration form and email it to [email protected] If you don’t yet have a substantive position then we can connect you with colleagues who can you support you finding a job so please email us or fill out an expression of interest form.

If you have any questions please email us at [email protected], alternatively, we are happy to arrange a meeting to discuss any questions or queries you may have to support you on the next step of your journey.

Benefits for newly qualified GPs


£13,500 per year for 1 session (4hrs 10 min) per week (less 30% employer costs).


AQuA have developed a bespoke QI training course for all the NHSE GP Fellows across the North West which will feed into your Portfolio work.


You will work within your PCN to develop portfolio opportunities based on your local health population needs.


A series of podcasts produced by Primary Care Knowledge Boost on topics such as Leadership, Practice Management and Remote Consultations.


Don’t think of it as a set session at the same time every week. You manage your own time and choose the opportunities that suit your needs.


You’ll have the opportunity to delve further into various subject matters with a classes offered by ourselves, HEE and more.


We’ll link you with your local CCG’s First Five or equivalent group as well as put on networking events.


Each month you’ll get 1 hour of mentorship from an experienced GP

New Webinars Coming Soon

GP Careers Platform

For more information on the HEE Fellowship please visit

Information for Practice Managers and Primary Care Network Clinical Directors

Benefits to both Practice and Primary Care Network

Create an attractive recruitment and retention package

Portfolio work focused on local health population needs

NHSE funded CPD sessions providing support for your GPs

Quality Improvement training

Developing leadership skills within your Practice and PCN

Networking and sharing of best practice across GM

Flexible to fit in with practice and PCN needs

Peer Support Groups

The Greater Manchester Training Hub is keen to support the creation, development and continuation of GP peers support groups, including the First Five, across Greater Manchester.

We are providing £6,000 for each CCG for a group (3 groups for Manchester.)  You can download a form below should you wish to claim this money.  The £6,000 needs to be authorised by your CCG workforce lead who has to sign the request.  Once completed please forward the form to [email protected]