Standards For Supervision And Assessment

The new NMC standards aim to provide flexibility for approved education institutions and practice learning partners, to develop innovative approaches to all education for nurses, midwives and nursing associates while being accountable for the local delivery and management of approved programmes.

Our Success

These unprecedented times have brought new learning opportunities via webinar. 

Our Practice Education Facilitation (PEF) team received an overwhelming response to the NMC New Standards Update for Nursing and Midwifery 2018, which were delivered for the first time by webinar. The positive feedback is demonstrated by the word cloud below:

We will continually strive to improve the delivery and meet the demands for sharing information. All 76 places for the June sessions were snapped up with hours of the dates being release.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Mentorship has changed. Student Nurses will be supported by Practice Assessors and
Practice Supervisors under the new Standards. There will be a transition phase when the old
Standards will be relevant for some students already enrolled on existing programmes.

Yes. Current Mentors/Sign Off Mentors will attend a ‘Mentor Transition to new NMC Standards’
update prior to becoming Practice Assessor/Practice Supervisor. The training will support the
development of your skills in coaching.

Yes. Simply book onto one of the training sessions below.

Engages the student through the use of coaching to direct students own learning. Provides feedback
to the Practice Assessor on the students’ progress and achievements of profiencies. Can supervise
more than one student ie group format or 1:1. Training is provided which is designed for those
Registered Nurses who have not already attained an accredited Mentor qualification and for other
Registered Health Care Professionals who will be undertaking the role. 

A Practice Assessor will make and record objective evidence based assessment of student conduct,
proficiency and achievement, drawing on feedback from Practice Supervisors, student records,
direct observations, student self reflection and other resources. A Practice Assessor will be a
qualified and experienced Registered Nurse. They can assess more than one student but on a 1:1

Yes, but not to the same student.